GISD Art Show

Each school year, Visual Aid Volunteers hosts an art show for visually impaired students in Garland ISD. The talent and dedication displayed is astounding! These outstanding pieces of art are a study in form, texture, and design serving as a marvelous display of the many intelligences at work! Students create and submit their work for judging before attending a reception with awards. In 2024, the student work will be on display at Veritex bank’s downtown Garland location and the Garland Public Library.

Kimbell Art Museum

VAV has enjoyed a partnership with the Kimbell Art Museum in Fort Worth, Texas to create tactile representations of visual art on display. These tactile masterpieces allow the visually impaired to experience art alongside sighted family and friends. The talented staff at VAV creates a raised graphic that represents the major themes of a work of art in various textures inviting the visually impaired to be moved by the beauty of art.

Garland Public Library

Checking out books is a rite of passage in the lives of many young readers. But for the visually impaired, finding braille in your local library is more challenging. Which is why we are excited to announce our newest partner: Garland Public Library. Together we will add young reader books in braille to the collection as well as kits to educate the sighted public about braille. In 2024, VAV will also host workshops for young students, sighted or visually impaired, to come learn the basics .