GISD Art Show

Annually, Visual Aid Volunteers proudly hosts an art contest for visually impaired students in GISD. The showcased artworks are not only visually beautiful but also explore form, texture, and design ,and are a true testament to the incredible talent of these students. In 2024, 49 pieces were submitted displaying the diverse intelligences at work in unique expressions. These pieces toured downtown Garland as an opportunity for the community to celebrate the remarkable creativity of these students! Awards were presented at a family friendly event held at VAV’s downtown Garland offices. Honoring the visually impaired students of GISD is a heartwarming and honored tradition for VAV.

Art Museums

VAV proudly maintains a collaborative partnership with both the Amon Carter and Kimbell Art Museum in Fort Worth, Texas to enrich the cultural experience of the visually impaired community. This unique collaboration focuses on the creation of tactile representations of select artwork. The dedicated staff at VAV employ their artistic talents to craft tactile masterpieces, translating the major themes of each work of art into raised-line tactile graphics featuring a variety of textures.

Garland Public Library

Checking out books from a local library is a rite of passage in the lives of many young readers. But for the visually impaired reader, finding braille in the library is more challenging. VAV is excited to announce our newest partnership with the Garland public library! Together we will add braille books for young readers and educational kits for the sighted public to learn more about braille. Additionally, VAV will host workshops for learners of all ages to engage with the basics of “Decoding Braille”.