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Mission:  To promote the independence and success of people

with visual impairments by providing quality braille materials

VAV is able to produce customized projects to best suit your needs, including textbooks, tests, daily work sheets, partial books and chapters,  from both print materials and electronic text. VAV is at the cutting edge of current technology, enabling us to produce braille with a rapid turn-around time so the student always has the materials they need to keep up with the curriculum. Our Library of Congress certified staff specializes in UEB, literary EBAE, computer, foreign language, music, and math (Nemeth) transcription.

YES! We are still in business!


VAV survived the year of COVID!  Over the last year, our office was totally renovated and updated. 


We are happy to be operating from our Garland home and extend a special "thank you" to Veritex Bank  for your generous donation of space and office furniture.

Ophtalmology Glasses
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