Braille transcription and production involve the conversion of printed or electronic text into braille, a tactile writing system used by people with visual impairments. Braille consists of patterns or raised dots arranged in cells or grids. Each cell contains a maximum of six dots arranged in two columns of three dots each.

Braille Products

Braille Textbooks, Novels, Articles, and Tests

Visual Aid Volunteer serves as a reliable resource for the transcription of a wide range of educational materials, making them accessible to students of all ages. Our expertise extends to transcribing textbooks, articles, and tests for local school districts. From novels to various literary works, most books, documents, or pamphlets can be transformed into an accessible format for the blind and visually impaired. Our commitment to inclusivity is evident during the spring semester when we actively transcribe practice tests for visually impaired students who are preparing for standardized tests. VAV takes pride in our role to provide accessible materials for individuals with visual impairments at every level of learning.

Braille Special Event Schedules, Church Publications, and Menus

Visual Aid Volunteers is honored to enhance accessibility for your events, restaurants, and gatherings by transcribing your print materials in braille, ensuring an inclusive environment.

Tactile Graphics

VAV has developed a vast digital tactile library of educational resources covering a variety of subject matter including math, science, and social studies. These materials are expertly designed to be accessible to visually impaired students.

Educational Tactile Maps

Visual Aid Volunteers is a valued partner to local school districts to design and print tactile geographic maps.

Tactile Art for Museums

Visual Aid Volunteers is excited about the design of tactile representations for permanent works of art in local museums. The Amon Carter Museum and the Kimbell Art Museum hold meticulously crafted tactile representations of artworks. Explore the immersive experience of art through touch.

Hotel information including maps

Visual Aid Volunteers creates tactile maps for hotels, civic centers, music venues, arenas, colosseums, and museums. These customized maps provide clear information ensuring the independence and safety of your visually impaired guests.

Tools of Our Trade


Our embossers allow us to not only transcribe but produce volumes of braille on site. For pages without tactiles, we use the embosser to create white-on-white raised braille.

Swell Machine

Our swell machine is used to create raised line graphics, called tactiles, that have a “suede-like” feeling in black ink.

Tiger Embosser

Our tiger embosser also creates raised line graphics in white-on-white format.

Perkins Brailler

A Perkins Brailler is a manual tool, similar to a typewriter, that creates braille one cell at a time.